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What is the expiration date of your soups? 

Each sealed jar of soup has a date stamp indicating the best ‘use by’ date.

What is the best way to store your soups?

Each sealed jar can be safely stored in your pantry. Once the jar is opened, it should be kept refrigerated for up to three days. Reheat thoroughly before serving.

Do you offer any gluten free products? 

All our soups are made with ancient grains that are all gluten free unless specified. 

Can I buy you products by the case? 
Our products can be purchased in any quantity and more savings in multiple purchases.

Can your products be frozen? 
No.  The jars can break in the freezer.

Do your soups contain MSG or other preservatives? 
No. Our soups are 100% natural. They contain no preservatives, additives and have a ‘clean’ label.  

What sets your products apart? 
I always start by using quality ingredients, and all of our soups are kettle cooked in small batches. The recipes are original and time tested in my own kitchen. In addition, our products are made fresh and kept fresh.

Your soups are hearty, can I add water to thin them out? 
Yes. While warming the soup, slowly add small amount of water that creates the consistency you like.

What else can I do with your soups?

Some of my soups are even tasty served cold with a dab of plain Greek yogurt. I also like to heat the soups and then top with fish, tofu or any meat before serving.

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